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Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Physics and Astronomy


Excellence Initiative 2018

The Initiative "Matter and Light for Quantum Information" formed by the Physics Departments of Aachen, Bonn and Cologne University is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft as a Cluster of Excellence. The involved scientists intend to investigate the physical and technological fundamentals of future quantum computers and quantum networks.



The department pursues innovative experimental and theoretical world-class research. The department research focuses on the following areas:

  • Particle physics
  • Condensed matter/photonics
  • Astronomy/astrophysics

The department runs its own electron accelerator (ELSA) and a cyclotron. It cooperates with the Jülich Research Center and the Max-Planck-Institute of Radioastronomy. Research is mainly financed by external funding such as selected research areas ("Sonderforschungsbereiche") and focal support programmes ("DFG and BMBF Schwerpunktprogramme") and cooperates with international research worldwide. Please find more information on our site Research Topics.



We offer the following degree programs:

  • Bachelorstudium in Physik (German), more... 
  • Master of Science degree in physics, more... 
  • Master of Science degree in astrophysics, more... 
  • Bachelor of Science degree for physics teachers 

The Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy is a joint honors program of graduate studies of the Universities of Bonn and Cologne. It has been awarded funding in the German Excellence Initiative. More information can be found on the school's website.



Here you can find an overview of outreach activities and public events at the Department of Physics and Astronomy.Our cooperation with schools offers pupils of different age and different stages of knowledge the possibility to have a look into the work of physicists, astronomers, and students, by participating in several projects and events. This offers the possibility to deal intensively with problems of physics and astronomy, beyond the school curriculum. More details can be found under Miscellaneous where you are also invited to look up further information regarding the various events.

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