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Plücker Lecture

  • Eiichiro Komatsu

11.10.2019 Critical Tests of Theory of the Early Universe using the Cosmic Microwave Background


  • Uli Uwer

3.11. 2017: "With 'beautyful' Quarks to New Phenomena in Particle Physics"


  • Katie Freese

13.11. 2015: "The Dark Side of the Universe"


  •  Helmut Rauch

 11.11. 2013 "Neutrons as Quantum Objects: Manipulation and Storage"


  • Prof. Dr. Serge Haroche

25.11.11 "Juggling with atoms and photons in a box to explore the quantum world"

  • Prof. Dr. Sir Michael Berry

20.11.2009 "Quantum mechanics chaos, and the singing of the primes"

  • Prof. Dr. Theordor W. Hänsch

05.02.2009 "A Passion for Precision"

  • Prof. Dr. Rocky Kolb

25. 01.2008 "Taking Sides on the Dark Energy Issue"

  • Prof. Dr. Philip Russell

26. 10.2006 "Laser Frequency Conversion in Photonic Crystal Fibres"

27.10.2006 "Photonic Crystal Fibres: A Multifaceted Superhighway for Light", Max-Planck Research Group, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg

  • Prof. Dr. Gerard ´t Hooft

25.11.2005: "Black Holes in Elementary Particle Physics", Spinoza Instituut, Utrecht

  • Prof. Dr. Gerald Gabrielse

22. 04.2004: "One Electron, Quantum Cyclotron", 23.04.2004: "First Slow Atoms Made Entirely of Antimatter", Harvard University

  • Prof. Dr. Andrei Linde

12.12.2003: "Inflation, Dark Energy and the Fate of the University", Stanford University

  • Prof. Dr. Boris Altshuler

25.10.2002: "From Anderson localization to quantum Chaos", Princeton University

  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Bradshaw

23.11.2001: "Von der Gasentladungsröhre zum Fusionskraftwerk", Institut für Plasmaphysik, Garching