Hygiene measures for lab courses

Status: 2023/02/01

  • The tutor airs the lab room thoroughly before the lab session begins. Students are responsible for frequent and thorough room ventilation during the lab session.
  • Lab course participants who are sick or do not feel well are not allowed to take part in on-site classes.
  • Suspected of being infected and their close contacts must notify the lab course head for clarification of further steps.

Additional recommendations

  • It is recommended to wear a medical mask (surgical or FFP2 masks) in the lab rooms.
  • It is recommended to perform a rapid antigen test or to get tested before each lab session.
  • Hand hygiene can be performed either in the lab room or in the closest lavatory. Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer at the beginning and at the end of each lab session.
  • A safe distance from other persons should be kept whenever possible.
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