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Former active research groups

Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Structure (NO, NMR/ON) P. Herzog
High Spin Nuclear Spectroscopy, Superdeformation, Magnetic Rotation Euroball H. Hübel

Experimental Solid State Physics

Material Fatigue, Magnetismus K. Maier

Synchrotron Radiation

Microfabrication Research, X-ray Fluorescence, Absorption and Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Circular Dichroism Spectrometry J. Hormes


Stars, Gas, Milky Way, Local Group K.S. de Boer
Heliosphere, Cosmology H.J. Fahr
Young Star Clusters, Stellar Mass Function, Cluster dynamics, Near-Infrared Astronomy A. Stolte
Single and Binary Stars, Nucleosynthesis, Chemically peculiar stars R. Izzard

Extraterrestrial Physics

Thermosphere, Ionosphere, Solar-Terrestrial Interactions G. Prölss

Mathematical Physics

Integrable Models R. Flume
Non-renormalisation Theorems in Supersymmetry R. Flume, E. Kraus

Other Topics

Magnetismus, Metal - Hydrogen Systems M. Forker, P. Herzog
Material Analysis (NAA, XRF), Prospecting H. Mommsen

Quantum Optics/Applied Optics

Nonlinear laser optics M. Fiebig

Experimental Solid State Physic

Nonlinear optics, magnetism, laser, strongly correlated systems, ultrafast dynamics, multiferroics, domains M. Fiebig
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