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Particle Physics

Experimental Elementary Particle Physics

Proton-Proton Scattering at LHC, ATLAS Experiment F. Bernlochner, I. Brock, M. Cristinziani, J. Dingfelder, N. Wermes
Physics of B mesons, Belle-I and Belle-II Experiments F. Bernlochner, J. Dingfelder
Particle Physics at High Energy Accelerators (LHC und ILC) K. Desch
pp-Scattering (ATLAS/LHC); Pixel detectors and ASIC-Chips N. Wermes
Electron-Proton Scattering at HERA, ZEUS Experiment I. Brock, E. Paul
Teilchenphysik (EXP) Philip Bechtle
ERC TopCup M. Cristinziani


Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics

Theoretical High Energy Physics H.-P. Nilles
Phenomology, Modelbuilding, Astroparticle physics H. Dreiner
Theoretical High Energy und Astroparticle Physics M. Drees
String Theory, Mathematical Physics A. Klemm
Numerical Quantum Field Theory S. Krieg, T. Luu, C. Urbach
QCD at hadron colliders, scattering amplitudes, mathematical physics C. Duhr


Experimental Hadron Physics

Crystal Barrel Experiment at ELSA R. Beck, K.-T. Brinkmann, B. Ketzer, F. Klein, E. Klempt, H. Schmieden, A. Thiel, U. Thoma
Muon und Hadron Scattering at SPS, CERN, Proton Spin Structure COMPASS Experiment, CERN B. Ketzer, F. Klein
Photon Experiments at MAMI R. Beck, A. Thiel
PANDA experiment at FAIR K.-T. Brinkmann
Proton and heavy ion collisions at ALICE, LHC; micropattern gas detectors B. Ketzer


Theoretical Hadron Physics

Structure and Dynamics of Hadrons C. Hanhart, H.-W. Hammer, B. Kubis, S. Krewald, S. Krieg, T. Luu, U.-G. Meißner, A. Rusetsky, C. Urbach
Quark Models of Hadrons B. Metsch


Accelerator Physics

ELSA Accelerator Complex W. Hillert, F. Klein
Accelerator Physics at COSY A. Lehrach, R. Maier


AD Professors

Astroparticle Physics (Neutrino Astrophysics with IceCube, Supernova Cosmology) M. Kowalski
Experimental Particle Physics B. Diekmann



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