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Physics Privatdozenten

Name Institute Theme Research Group

Bechtle, Philip
PI  Particle Physics (Exp.) Search for Supersymmetry with the ATLAS experiment at LHC, Studies on Higgs CP measurements, Global interpretations of measurements in the search for physics beyond the Standard Model


Markus Cristinziani

 PI  Particle Physics (Exp.) Top quark and Higgs boson physics at the Large Hadron Collider

Eversheim, Paul-Dieter
HISKP Particle Physics (Exp.) Polarised Ion Souorces and Polarised Atomic Jet Target, Polarised Proton - Proton Scattering, EDDA Experiment an COSY

Förste, Stefan
PI Theoretical Physics Theoretical High Energy Physics

Goertz, Stefan
PI PI Polarized Target Bonn / SFB-TR16
Joosten, Rainer HISKP Particle Physics (incl. hadron and nuclear physics) Experimental Hadron Hhysics with Myon und Hadron Scattering at SPS, CERN, Proton Spin Structure
Kraus, Elisabeth PI Theoretical Physics Quantum Field Theory: Non-Renormalization Theorems of Supersymmetry; Renormalization of the Standard Model and its Supersymmetric Extension


Kroseberg, Juergen

PI Particle Physics (Exp.)  

Kubis, Bastian
HISKP Theoretical Physics Effective Field Theories in Particle and Hadron Physics, Chiral QCD Dynamics
lehnertz2 (2).jpg
Lehnertz, Klaus (apl. Prof. of the Fac. Med.)
UKB Neurophysics, Medical Physics Non-linear Dynamics, Time Sequence Analysis, Neurophysics, Physics of imaging in medicine, neuron modelling


Metsch, Bernard

HISKP Nucelar physics (Theory) Quark Models of Hadrons
Rusetsky, Akaki HISKP Theoretical Physics Chiral QCD Dynamics, Effective Field Theories in Nuclear and Atomic Physics

Soergel, Elisabeth
PI Applied Optics Heinrich-Hertz-Group


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