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Physics Professors

Name Institute Theme Research Group

Beck, Reinhard
HISKP Hadron Physics (exp.) Experimental Hadron- and Nuclear Physics, SFB-TR16; SFB443


Bernlochner, Florian

PI Particle Physics (exp.) "Belle / Belle II Experiment at SuperKEKB, ATLAS Experiment at LHC

Brock, Ian
PI Particle Physics (exp.) Electron-Proton Scattering: ZEUS Experiment at HERA, Proton-proton scattering: ATLAS Experiment at LHC

Desch, Klaus
PI Particle Physics (exp.) Particle Physics at High Energy Accelerators (LHC und ILC)

Dingfelder, Jochen
PI Particle Physics (exp.) ATLAS Experiment at LHC, Belle Experiment at KEK, Semiconductor Pixel Detectors

Drees, Manuel
PI Theoretical Physics Theoretical High Energy und Astroparticle Physics

Dreiner, Herbert
PI Theoretical Physics Higgs and Supersymmetry Phenomenology, Model Building


PI Theoretical Physics QCD at hadron colliders, scattering amplitudes, mathematical physics


Gooth, Johannes

PI Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Experimental Condensed Matter Physics


Hofferberth, Sebastian

IAP Experimental Quantum Physics

Nonlinear Quantum Optics

Ketzer, Bernhard
HISKP Hadron Physics (exp.) COMPASS experiment, ALICE experiment, SFB-TR16, Particle Detectors, Instrumentation

Klemm, Albrecht
PI Theoretical Physics String Theory, Mathematical Physics

Koehl, Michael
PI Experimental quantum physics Quantum gases, quantum information and strongly correlated quantum many-body systems

Kollath, Corinna
HISKP Theoretical Physics Theoretical quantum physics: Ultracold gases and quantum many body physics

Kroha, Hans
PI Theoretical Solid State Physics Nanoscopic physics and Electronics Correlations, Disordered Electron Systems, Photonics

Linden, Stefan
PI Photonics Nano Photonics


Luitz, David

PI Theoretical Physics Theoretical Quantum Many-Body Physics: condensed matter and quantum optical systems

Meschede, Dieter
IAP Laser physics (exp.) Laser physics

Meißner, Ulf-G.
HISKP Theoretical Physics Chiral QCD Dynamics and Effective Field Theories in Nuclear and Atomic Physics
Monien, Hartmut
PI Theoretical Physics Condensed Matter Theory: High Temperature Superconductivity, Quantum Hall Effect, Heavy Fermions, Josephson Junction Arrays, Bose-Einstein Condensation, Mathematical physics, Number Theory

Schmieden, Hartmut
PI Hadron Physics (exp.) Crystal Barrel and A1 Experiments

Stellmer, Simon

PI Experimental quantum physics Quantum metrology


Thiel, Annika

HISKP Hadron Physics (exp.) Experimental hadron physics at ELSA and MAMI

Thoma, Ulrike
HISKP Medium Energy Physics (exp.) Hadron Physics with the Crystal Barrel Experiment

Urbach, Carsten
HISKP Theoretical Physics Lattice Gauge Theories and Computational Physics

Weitz, Martin
IAP Quantum Optics (exp.) Quantum Optics

Wermes, Norbert
PI Partice Physics (exp.) ATLAS Experiment at LHC
Semiconductor Pixel Detectors
Chip Electronics
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