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Modules and Courses

Detailed information about the modules and courses (including e.g. preparation, requirements and scheduling) are to be find in the respective descriptions. Here you can download the module manual of the M.Sc. in Astrophysics.

modules and courses (PO 2014)

module manual of the M.Sc. in Astrophysics (PO 2014)

modules and courses (PO 2006)

module manual of the M.Sc. in Astrophysics (PO 2006)


The Master Course "Master of Science in Astrophysics" is divided into the following areas

  • Base obligatory modules
    The modules impart fundamental knowledge in experimental and theoretical physics on an advanced level
  • Obligatory modules
    These modules include subjects which are indispensable for the Master Course in Astrophysics 
  • Spezialisation modules and elective modules
    These modules include advanced and specialized lectures which lead the students to the research focuses of the Bonn Astrophysics department
  • Modules of the research phase
    At this point the students will be integrated immediatley and individually into the research groups of the department. The Master Thesis is part of the research phase


In addition there will be an obligatory introductory course ("Introduction to Astrophysics (for newcomers")

for those students, who achieved the formal admission to the Master programme, without having participated in the introduction to astrophysics during the Bachelor studies. This compulsory course leads the students by means of lectures, exercises, tutorial and self-study to the required M.Sc. level
The study course primarily aims at:

1. gaining expertise that is guided by contemporary problems and challenges, resting upon a thorough base knowledge

2. acquire methodological and analytical skills enabling the students to expand their scientific background, with emphasis on research methods and strategies, and

3. qualifications relevant fort he future career.

The study course provides the student with the qualification to enter the graduate studies, the Master degree giving immediate access to Ph.D. programmes.

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