Women* in Physics Bonn

We aim to build a network of women* at an early state of their career in Physics at the University of Bonn through monthly meetings.
Our participants are mainly Master`s students, PhDs and postdocs, but we also warmly welcome any women* doing a Bachelor`s and interested in connecting with more experienced women* researchers.

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If you have any questions,  you can contact us via womenphysicsorganizers AT listen.uni-bonn.de 


New Models in Particle Physics with Prof. Funcke

Our speaker for the event was, Prof. Lena Funcke from the University of Bonn, who gave a talk about new models and methods for particle physics. She has recently become a professor and hence she also talked to us about her journey, starting from Ph.D. to post-doc and then to a professor, as a woman in the field.

Coffee, Cake And Many New Faces

Here you can find a small insight into one of our last informal meetings where we usually come together and get to know each other better over coffee, tea and cake. The discussions can be about our research projects, challenges or problems we are facing, but it can also just be something fun, like holiday plans or whatever is on our minds.

Medical Physics Talk And Discussion With Prof. Monzel

Our first ever speaker Prof. Monzel from University Düsseldorf gave a talk about biological membranes followed by an informal conversation about her personal carreer and how beeing a women can affect working in Physics research. She gave a lot of helpfull career advice starting from how and where to apply for funds to the importance of having a good supervisor or how to be confident and bolt in a male-dominated research area. 

Talk on Gender Dimensions in Science with Prof. Brage

We were honored to welcome Prof. Tomas Brage to our series of open talks. As a professor in Theoretical Physics, he started realizing the importance of gender in physics 25 years ago. Since then he has been intensively involved in gender equality works, giving talks all around Europe and is a steering member in many European groups dedicated to understanding the relation between gender and Physics. In his inspiring talk, he shared his insights about years of research, work and experience. 

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We introduce people from different physics research groups who regularly take part in the Women* in Physics Bonn meetings.
If you are looking for someone from a certain group to refer to for any questions concerning research, the group itself or just want to connect to people, feel free to join the meetings and get to know everyone there.

Scattering Amplitudes

The members of the group are working in different areas of the field of scattering amplitudes - from phenomenological computations for QCD at hadron colliders to more formal aspects touching on different areas of pure mathematics such as number theory.

Physics Beyond the Standard Model

The members of this group work in phenomenology and model building of physics beyond the standard model of particle physics. For example they search for new physics at the LHC like supersymmetry or axion and axino models.

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

The members of this group work in theoretical condensed matter and quantum optical systems, particularly dynamical phenomena far from thermodynamic equilibrium. They for example work towards the true quantum simulation of these systems using digital quantum computers.

Experimental Particle Physics


Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics

The members of this group work in Theoretical Physics in particular Quantum Chromodynamics, Effective Field Theory, Nuclear Structure and Reactions, Nuclear Lattice Effective Field Theory, Monte Carlo Methods in Nuclear, Particle and Atomic Physics and Topological Soliton Models.

Theoretical (Astro-)Particle Physics

The members of this research group are mainly working in the field of particle and astro-particle physics. The research projects are related to the extension of the standard model of particle physics, dark matter, LHC and cosmological inflation. 

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