17. October 2023

Meeting 12.10.2023 Coffee, cake and many new faces

Here you can find a small insight in one of our last informal meetings where we usually come together and get to know each other better over coffee, tea and cake. Sometimes the discussions are about our research projects, sometimes about challenges or problems we are facing, but can also just be something fun like holiday plans or whatever is on our minds.

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In our last meeting, we were very happy to see a lot of new faces from Experimental Physics, Astrophysics and Theoretical Physics from both, HISKP and PI. It was especially great to hear that even some professors promoted the meeting in their groups and encouraged people to join. 

Although the informal meetings can just be about getting to know people, chatting and having a fun time in a relaxed atmosphere. This time, we got into some really interesting discussions about the differences in the working life of women in different countries. Since the group is very international, many people could share their impressions from the places where they lived before. From there we got to a discussion whether we observed or experienced that women pretend to be less intelligent than they actually are in order to be seen as more attractive and many more such topics. It was amazing to see how many good ideas and thoughts were there in the group and we are looking forward to the next meetings!  

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