29. November 2023

Talk 27.11.2023 Talk 27.11.2023

Gender Dimensions in Science with Prof. Tomas Brage

We were honored to welcome Prof. Tomas Brage to our series of open talks. As a professor in Theoretical Physics he started realizing the importance of gender in Physics 25 years ago. Since then he has been intensively involved in gender equality works, gives talks all around Europe and is a steering member in many European groups dedicated to understanding the relation between gender and Physics. In his inspiring talk he shared his insights of years of research, work and experience. 

Talk on Gender Dimensions in Physics with Prof. Brage
Talk on Gender Dimensions in Physics with Prof. Brage © Meeting
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Physics is often thought of as a purely objective science where gender and society don't matter. An equation doesn't have a gender and whether its solution is right or wrong doesn't depend on the gender of the student who is solving it. Prof. Brage challenged this idea. In the beginning of his talk he demonstrated how gender-based stereotypes affect the way we talk about science, how we name things as well as what metaphors and models we use. He gave examples how a physics book or even great physicists themselves can be sexist and how the very idea why we do physics is intertwined with gender and society. 

He gave suggestions and examples how institutions could change but also what can be done on an individual level, starting by learning and talking about these topics. Therefore his talk included a lot of research results, book recommendations and other resources. 

So if you are curious what the "Good Trick" or the "Positivistic Paradox in Science" is, visit Tomas Brage's website and contact us under womenphysicsorganizers@listen.uni-bonn.de. We would be happy to share the slides of the talk with whoever is interested!

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