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General information

  • Members of the four physics institutes can use the library at any time, while all other University staff and students can do so during its opening hours.
  • Members of the physics institutes can get a library card from the Librarian. You will also need this card to borrow items.
  • Either the Librarian (in her office in Room 134) or a student assistant (at the desk next to the cloakroom) will be on hand during general opening hours. In a (genuine) emergency outside these hours, please contact Dr. Andreas Wißkirchen or the Theory Office.
  • Yes, by the entrance. It also has 10 lockers for you to use.
  • The main exit leading to the Institute of Physics is locked outside of opening hours and after 5 pm. Please use the exit to the Lecture Hall 1 stairwell (in the room with the photocopier) at these times. Never press the alarm button.


  • The “HB” shelves contain highly popular books, one copy of which must always be present in the library. This means that they cannot be borrowed. If you would like to borrow one of these items, please search for it using the corresponding standard shelf mark (e.g. 4.0 for textbooks on theoretical physics).
  • Only members of the physics institutes who hold an appropriate library card can borrow items. All other users may only consult books on site.
  • Members of the physics institutes can borrow any book. Please talk to the Librarian if you are interested in volumes of periodicals.
  • Place your library card and your books on the loan terminal by the window and follow the instructions.
  • Certainly not. You can only consult books at your workstation.
  • Books can be returned at the loan terminal at any time. Once you have done that, please place them on the table next to the terminal (i.e. do not put them back on the shelf).
  • You can keep books that you have borrowed at your workstation until they are demanded back or required elsewhere.
  • There are no fixed borrowing periods.
  • Failing to respond to a reminder will incur an overdue fine of €2 per week.
  • If the book you are looking for is currently on loan, you can look on one of the PCs to see who has borrowed it and potentially get in touch with them. If they can spare the book, they should return it first of all (i.e. please do not simply hand it over to the other person). Do not hesitate to contact the Librarian if you need to.
  • Members of the physics institutes are asked to contact the Librarian, while all other users should get in touch with the USL directly.

Computers, printing and photocopying

  • Yes, two PCs with Linux.
  • The photocopier is free to use. There is also a printer for the two PCs.
  • The printer in the library is set as the default printer for the two Linux PCs.  
  • Yes, there is Wi-Fi.


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