The "Physik Lernzentrum" opens its doors
Experienced tutors help first- and second-semester students with exercises in "Experimentalphysik II" and "Theoretische Physik I"
BCGS Poster Session
19 April 2024, Bonn Wolfgang-Paul Lecture Hall, 13.15 - 16.30 h
Distinguished visitor from Düsseldorf
NRW Minister Ina Brandes visits the ELSA electron accelerator
New research group at the PI
The department welcomes Prof. Matthias Schott
The "Physik Lernzentrum" opens its doors
BCGS Poster Session
Distinguished visitor from Düsseldorf
New research group at the PI

Studying and doing research in the Department of Physics and Astronomy

We are delighted to introduce ourselves over the next few pages. Find out more about our institutes, our facilities and units, our degree programs, what our research focuses on and who our partners are as well as the wide range of topics that we present to the general public.

The "Physik Lernzentrum" opens its doors

This semester, the time has finally come: four days a week, experienced tutors are available in the foyer of the Wolfgang Paul Lecture Hall to help first- and second-semester students with exercises in "Experimentalphysik II" and "Theoretische Physik I" or with questions about the content of these lectures.

Prof. Klaus Desch starts the Kinderuni in Summer Term 2024

"Unraveling the puzzle"- this is the motto under which the University of Bonn will open the summer-term Kinderuni on Monday, April 15. In his lecture, Prof. Klaus Desch from the Physikalisches Institut will make the invisible visible! All children between 8 and 13 are welcome to join.

BCGS poster session 2024: Program now available!

19 April 2024, Bonn Wolfgang-Paul Lecture Hall, 13.15 - 16.30 h

Women* in Physics Bonn: Events in Summer Semester 2024

"Women* in Physics Bonn" is a community of women* that meet monthly to share their experiences and foster connections among women* in physics. Their goal is to network in a relaxed and friendly environment over coffee and cake, and to engage in work-related discussions with the other participants - from Master's students up to postdocs.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy

Below you can find out about our organizational structure and the facilities and units that form part of our department

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What’s our setup?

The Department of Physics and Astronomy is made up of four institutes, professors, academic and non-academic staff, and various facilities and units together with their service teams.

Academic affairs

Here you can find details of the teaching and degree programs that we offer.

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Degree programs

We run a Bachelor’s degree program in physics, two Master’s degree programs (Physics and Astrophysics) and a teaching degree program (Bsc. and M.ed.) in physics.

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Follow the “Courses” link to find dates for lectures, practical projects/lab courses and preliminary courses.


Looking for a particular university professor or member of staff? The links below are bound to help you.

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University professors and lecturers

University professors and lecturers guide students through their research and learning.

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You can find our administrative, technical and academic staff at our institutes by following the links below:

at the Argelander Institute for Astronomy, the Institute for Applied Physics, the Institute of Physics and the Helmholtz Institute for Radiation and Nuclear Physics.


Departmental Chairperson

Avatar Desch

Prof. Dr. Klaus Desch

Raum 1.035

Nussallee 12

53115 Bonn


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Doris Thrun


Wegelerstr. 10

53115 Bonn

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