Regulations of the Institute  of Physics library

Based in the Institute of Physics, the PI library comprises a collection of monographs (books), periodicals, series and preprints. Periodicals and series form the mainstay of the Physics Library’s holdings. The PI library is a reference library. The rules on use are the same as those set out in the regulations of the Institute of Physics library.

  • You will need a library card to use the library. Library cards are non-transferable.
  • Members of the four physics institutes—the Institute of Physics (PI), the Helmholtz Institute for Radiation and Nuclear Physics (HISKP), the Institute of Applied Physics (IAP) and the Argelander Institute for Astronomy (AIfA)—can obtain a library card from library staff on request.
  • Members of other institutes and departments can also be granted permission to use the library in specific circumstances by submitting a written request to the managing director of the Institute of Physics. This permission can be revoked.
  • Students who are not members of a physics institute, particularly those taking part in lab courses for beginners and more advanced students, can use the Natural Sciences and Medicine section of the University Library at Nußallee 15.
  • The library also has standard opening hours (currently 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday).
  • The bound periodicals and series held in the PI library constitute the holdings of the Physics Library. As a reference library, it ensures a supply of periodicals for the members of all four physics institutes.
  • Unbound periodicals cannot be borrowed from the shelves as a basic principle (individual articles can only be photocopied in the library). Anyone breaking this rule may have their library card withdrawn.
  • Members of the abovementioned physics institutes may only borrow bound volumes of periodicals and series in urgent cases, and then only for up to three days. Borrowing them for longer requires the written permission of the Managing Director of the Institute of Physics. Late returns attract a fine of €2 per volume for each half-week or part thereof that they are overdue.
  • It must be possible for library staff to lay their hands at any time on a publication that has been borrowed. In other words, it must not be taken off University premises but must be kept at the borrower’s workstation in the physics institutes so as to be accessible by all other library users. You must therefore return all volumes of periodicals and series that you have borrowed before going on holiday or a business trip.
  • The monographs (books) in the PI library are not part of the Physics Library but are owned by the library of the Institute of Physics (PI).
  • Books borrowed must be accessible by library staff in the borrower’s work room at all times and must not be taken off University premises.
  • Books can be borrowed for up to four weeks and renewed for a further four weeks. Longer borrowing periods must be agreed with library staff. Late returns attract a fine of €2 per book for each week or part thereof that they are overdue.
  • All publications owned by the library are subject to the following rule:
  • Please use your library card to check your books out at the loan terminal. Please only take out a few books at once. When you come to return them (by checking them back in at the loan terminal), put them in the appropriate place next to the terminal.
  • The books and periodicals from the Handbibliothek are indicated by a red “HB” label and must not be taken out of the library under any circumstances.
  • Two copies of each book in the Handbibliothek are held, with the second copy being kept under the relevant shelf mark.
  • We would ask you to respect all other library users and therefore not to smoke, eat or talk in the library. Please leave jackets, coats, backpacks, bags, etc. in the cloakroom (there are also 10 lockers available) rather than at your workstation.
  • Items taken off the shelves briefly must be returned as soon as you have finished using them. Once you have finished working in the library for the da[PA1] y, please clear your desk and return all the items that you have taken off the shelves.

  • You can use the electronic catalogue on the Institute of Physics’s institutional computer to find books.
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