How examinations are organized

Together with its office, the examination authority (examination board) in charge of their chosen degree program is an important point of contact for all enrolled students.


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Examination office and examination board

The examination office can answer any questions relating to the examination procedure. It is responsible for monitoring compliance with the examination regulations.

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Examination regulations and module guides

The examination regulations govern matters to do with examinations and studying, while module guides provide information on content and taking examinations.

What do I need to know about my degree program?

You can find information for first-semester students as well as study and examination regulations in the relevant degree program.

Bachelor of Science

The BSc degree program teaches the basics of experimental and theoretical physics. Most students go on to complete a master’s degree program.

Master of Science

On the master’s degree program, you will learn how to approach complex physical problems and solve them using scientific methods.


You can find details of the process, the doctoral degree regulations and necessary forms here.


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