International Masterclass "hands on particle physics"

The International Masterclasses "hands on particle physics" take place every year at many universities and research institutions worldwide.

This event aims to present current developments in particle physics. The focus is on active engagement with measurement data. In the morning, participants will receive introductory lectures on the basics of particle physics and how to handle measurement data. Data from current experiments will then be analyzed. The participants will then discuss their results in an international video conference with international research institutions such as CERN.

Scientists for a day at the International Masterclasses 2024

At the International Masterclasses "hands on particle physics" at the University of Bonn on March 7 (LHCb), 13 (Belle II) and 18 (ATLAS) 2024, a total of around 60 students got to know particle physics up close and became researchers themselves for a day.


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