Science communication workshop at the Physics Center Bad Honnef

From April 15 to 17, 2024, the workshop on communicating the physics of the smallest particles took place at the Physics Center in Bad Honnef. In theoretical and practical sessions, the participants were given various methods and materials to successfully communicate particle physics.

Fellows from Bonn send self-built Cosmic Watch detectors into the stratosphere

Homemade Cosmic Watch detectors were sent into the stratosphere by two Fellows from Bonn (Jana Pöhler and Marvin Gehrke) and their physics class using a weather balloon.

DIY detector workshop on the Color Meets Flavor School at the DPG Physics Centre in Bad Honnef

25 students and doctoral students from the field of particle physics built their own small particle detectors. As part of a workshop at the Color Meets Flavor School at the DPG Physikzentrum in Bad Honnef, they soldered, tinkered and screwed things together to gain an even better understanding of the detector principle and implement it themselves using a small example.

Scientists for a day at the International Masterclasses 2024

At the International Masterclasses "hands on particle physics" at the University of Bonn on March 7 (LHCb), 13 (Belle II) and 18 (ATLAS) 2024, a total of around 60 students got to know particle physics up close and became researchers themselves for a day.

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