07. August 2023

Physics Show 2023 Physics Show 2023

In September it's that time again: The physics show goes into the next round! The active physics students present their latest show. Look forward to a captivating performance in which the fascinating world of physics is brought to life in an entertaining and educational way.

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The kingdom of Promethea is threatened by stagnation. Queen Karina, obnoxious and selfish, orders the construction of the legendary UÜLGA - a drive that is supposed to enable faster-than-light speeds - in order to rule over the entire galaxy. But the physicists Franzi and Fredi cannot live up to the expectations and have to flee from their planet. Pursued by the royal guards, their adventure becomes a galactic odyssey in which it remains uncertain whether justice will prevail...

The show will be performed on Saturday, 9 September, and Sunday, 10 September, both at 2:00 pm in the Wolfgang Paul Lecture Hall. As the number of seats is limited by the size of the lecture hall, we kindly ask you to register.

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