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Our physics show "Physik: Far From Home" from last September returns for Saturday, March 9 at 2:00 pm and Sunday, March 10 at 2:00 pm:

The kingdom of Promethea is threatened by stagnation. Queen Karina, obnoxious and selfish, orders the construction of the legendary UÜLGA – an engine designed to enable speed faster than light – in order to rule the entire galaxy. But the physicists Franzi and Fred are unable to live up to her expectations and have to flee their planet. Pursued by the royal guards, their adventure becomes a galactic odyssey in which it remains uncertain whether justice will prevail…

The show takes place in the Wolfgang-Paul lecture hall and runs about 2 hours. This show will be in German!

If you don't want to miss the next show in Bonn you can sign up for our German mailing list.

Experiments during the break

Our "Physikshow" runs for about two hours. During the break of most of our Bonn shows you have the opportunity to try some small experiments yourself. For many children this is one of the most memorable experiences of our "Physikshow".

Information on the registration

Since our shows are quite popular we suggest to sign up beforehand. The sign up has been completed after you get an email with your registration number. You can sign up via the German form on the website, email or phone. You should be able to let us know your registration number at the admission.

Admission with registration: If you signed up beforehand and have a registration number, you should go to the left door of the main entrance. There we will check your registration number and the number of people you brought. Admission starts around one hour before the show. Please arrive on time, because ten minutes before the show starts we will start letting in people without registration to fill the free seats.

Admission without registration: If you didn't sign up beforehand, you can cue in front of the right door of the main entrance. If there are any free seats left ten minutes before the show starts, we will let you fill up those seats. However we cannot guarantee you'll get in this way.
Here applies: "The early cat catches the mouse."

There is no seat reservation. However the first few rows are reserved for children. The lecture hall has tiered seating and small experiments will be filmed and projected to the wall. So you will have a good view from everywhere.

How to find the Physics Show

Kreuzbergweg 28
53115 Bonn


Via A555
Take the A555 to the end. At the roundabout, take the second exit (Heinrich-Böll-Ring). Turn left into the next street (Vorgebirgsstraße). At the roundabout, go straight on and then turn right into Hochstadenring. Continue over the Viktoriabrücke bridge onto Wittelsbacher Ring. Turn right onto Beethoven Platz; then straight on onto Endenicher Allee. Turn left into Wegelerstraße.

Via A565 from the east
Take the A565 to the Bonn-Endenich exit. Turn left onto Endenicher Str./B56. Turn right onto Wittelsbacher Ring. Turn right onto Beethoven Platz; then straight on onto Endenicher Allee. Turn left into Wegelerstraße.

Via B9
Follow the B9, then continue on Willy-Brandt-Allee. Keep left and continue on Reuterstraße. Turn right onto Bonner Talweg. Turn left onto Meckenheimer Alle, then turn right onto Beringstraße. Turn left onto Kreuzbergweg.

Via A565 from the south
Take the A565 to the Bonn-Poppelsdorf exit in the direction of the B9. Use the right lane to drive onto Reuterstraße. Turn right three times (Jagdweg, Sternenburgstr., Clemens-August-Str.). Continue on Meckenheimer Allee , then turn left onto Beringstraße. Turn left onto Kreuzbergweg.

The University has set up parking areas around the Wolfgang-Paul-Hörsaal. Free parking is no longer possible in most areas with immediate effect. Please note that cars will also be towed away on weekends. You will find parking machines on site to purchase a parking ticket: parking machines are located on Nussallee at the level of the Institute of Physics (Nussalle 12) and HISKP (Nussallee 14-16), on Wegelerstraße at the level of Physical Chemistry (Wegelerstr. 12) as well as in the car park at the main entrance of the Wolfgang-Paul-Hörsaal.

The easiest way to reach the Wolfgang-Paul-Hörsaal from the main railway station is by bus with the lines 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606 and 607. The journey only takes about 5 minutes (price level K). Signposts are installed from the bus stops to the lecture hall.

  • Line 601 to Beringstraße (direction Venusberg - Uniklinikum Süd, bus platform A1)
  • Line 602 to Beringstraße (directionVenusberg -  Waldau/Uniklinikum Süd, bus platform A1)
  • Line 603 to Beringstraße (direction Röttgen Schleife, bus platform A1)
  • Line 604 to Haydnstraße (direction Ückesdorf Mitte, bus platform E1)
  • Line 605 to Haydnstraße (direction Duisdorf Bf, bus platform E1)
  • Line 606 to Haydnstraße (direction Malteser-Krankenhaus, bus platform E1)
  • Line 607 to Haydnstraße (direction Malteser-Krankenhaus, bus platform E1)

If you are not coming from the direction of the main station, the route is also signposted from the bus stops Am Botanischen Garten (lines 601, 602, 603),  Kaufmannstraße (lines 604, 605, 606, 607) and Nussallee (line 631).

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