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Physics Shows

The "Physikshow" was started in 2001. Since then students have regularly been putting together fun and entertaining shows. While the explanations are aimed at children 12 years and up, younger children are also able to enjoy the show. The experiments usually cover several different fields of physics. All experiments are strung together by an overarching story line. In 1-2 hours we show our audience how much fun physics can be.

Eine Wissenschaftlerin und ein Wissenschaftler arbeiten hinter einer Glasfassade und mischen Chemikalien mit Großgeräten.
Fred and Franzi are searching for the UÜLGA. © Barbara Frommann / Uni Bonn

Physik: Far From Home

2023/24. The kingdom of Promethea is threatened by stagnation. Queen Karina, obnoxious and selfish, orders the construction of the legendary UÜLGA - a drive that is supposed to enable faster-than-light speeds - in order to rule over the entire galaxy. But the physicists Franzi and Fredi cannot live up to the expectations and have to flee from their planet. Pursued by the royal guards, their adventure becomes a galactic odyssey in which it remains uncertain whether justice will prevail...

Night at the University

2019. Every night the ghosts of physics awake in the Physical Institute of the University of Bonn because at midnight the tablet of physics reveals its power. This is why the physicist Dr. Lilith Parker is driven to insanity by the poltergeists during her nightshift and why the physics student Thea, who fell asleep over her homework, gets private tuition from Heinrich Hertz in person. An exciting story follows with many interesting and entertaining experiments.
Thea and Heinrich
The student Thea and Heinrich Hertz © Physikshow Uni Bonn
Dory and Theodosius
Dory and Theodosius © Physikshow Uni Bonn

The Physicist of Oz

2017/18. Dory and her assistant are working in their lab. Suddenly the wizard Theodosius appears, looking for help. His world Oz is in trouble. The warm areas are cold and the cold areas are warm, the light and colorful regions are suddenly dark. His magic doesn't work, but he hopes Dory can help him with her knowledge of physics to restore the natural balance in his world.

The Physics Conspiracy

2015/16. There is a big commotion at the physics institute: One physicist was abducted. Another was knocked down. And even worse: Their experiment was stolen. Can Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson solve this case? The investigations leads them through different labs, where they get to know experiments from all kinds of fields in physics.
Sherlock and Watson
Holmes and Watson wait for their next case. © Physikshow Uni Bonn
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