26. Januar 2022

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Admission to the Master’s degree programs in Physics and Astrophysics for graduates of the University of Bonn

Students who are keen to enroll on the Master’s degree program in Physics or Astrophysics at the University of Bonn for the first time and who obtained or are currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Physics in Bonn are handled as follows:

In order to embark on the master’s degree program, they will need to have completed all the examinations for the bachelor’s degree program and SUBMITTED their bachelor’s thesis (but not necessarily have had it graded) by September 30 (to start in the winter semester) or March 31 (to start in the summer semester).

University of Bonn students who are on the verge of graduating do not need to apply for admission to a master’s degree program. Instead, the examination board for the Physics and Astronomy teaching unit “automatically” grants admission to the master’s degree program in Bonn to every graduate when it produces their bachelor’s certificate. When your certificate, diploma and “admission form” have all been issued, you will receive an email from the examination office telling you that you can come and collect your documents.

You can then ask the Student Registry to enroll you. To facilitate the transition from bachelor’s to master’s level, the Student Registry at the University of Bonn has aligned the enrollment regulations such that those who graduate in the summer semester and whose bachelor’s certificate is not ready on time will initially re-register for the B.Sc in Physics degree program (the re-registration deadline is in August) and will switch to the master’s degree program at a later date, specifically by the end of November at the latest. You will be expected to do this as soon as we have handed you your documents.

The rule applies in the same way to students starting in the summer semester (i.e. re-registration for the bachelor’s in February, then switching to the master’s by the end of May at the latest). Please remember that you will need to sign the admission form and cross out the degree program that does not apply before presenting the form to the Student Registry.

Version dated January 19, 2015

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