Physikshow 2019
In a physics show, experiments are demonstrated in an entertaining way. © Physikshow Uni Bonn

Physics Show

The "Physikshow" was started in 2001. Since then students have regularly been putting together fun and entertaining shows. While the explanations are aimed at children 12 years and up, younger children are also able to enjoy the show. The experiments usually cover several different fields of physics. All experiments are strung together by an overarching story line. In 1-2 hours we show our audience how much fun physics can be.

Teilchenshow Aachen 2019
The particle show group in Aachen © Physikshow Uni Bonn

Particle Physics Show

In 2004 we created a whole show dedicated to particle physics. In 2008 a new version of this show was performed in different cities outside of Bonn. In 2013 we came up with the current version of the show which premiered in Oxford in 2014. This show follows the developments in particle physics. From the discovery of the structure of the atom to the discovery of the Higgs boson. Since the topic is more complex it is aimed at a slightly older audience (14+).

In the phyusical there is singing, dancing and music. © Barbara Frommann

The Physics Show Musical

To our knowledge, "Planetamos" is the world's first physics show musical. The musical was developed in 2019 by a group of physics show members and, in addition to the usual live physics show experiments, also features vocal performances by the actors accompanied by a live orchestra. In the play, the audience learns about the conditions a planet in space must meet for life to emerge and thrive. The explanations of the experiments are suitable for children from the age of 12, but younger children also have a lot of fun in the show!

Current Shows

Nachts in der Uni - Gruppenfoto
Night at the University © Physikshow Uni Bonn

Night at the University

Every night the ghosts of physics awake in the Physical Institute of the University of Bonn because at midnight the tablet of physics reveals its power. This is why the physicist Dr. Lilith Parker is driven to insanity by the poltergeists during her nightshift and why the physics student Thea, who fell asleep over her homework, gets private tuition from Heinrich Hertz in person. An exciting story follows with many interesting and entertaining experiments.

Maike and Lorenzo have found the Higgs particle. © Physikshow Uni Bonn

What's (the) matter?

The discovery of the Higgs boson inspired us to restructure and rewrite our previous particle physics show. The two main characters use magic umbrellas to go on a journey through space and time. Stopping at different important stages of particle physics. Starting at the discovery of the structure of the atom, over development of particle accelerators, up to the detection of the Higgs boson.

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