Advanced Laboratory Course (physics601)

In the Advanced Lab Course, five experiments from the subject areas of accelerator, particle and detector physics (E), nuclear physics (K), atomic and laser physics (A) as well as optical and radio astronomy (S) are performed. Additionally, experiments on solid state physics can be performed at University of Cologne. Participation in the Preparatory Lab Course is a prerequisite for students who did not get their Bachelor degree at University of Bonn.

Further information:

Winter Term

  • August to October 2023
  • Further information will be announced in April 2023

Summer Term

  • February to April 2023
  • Registration deadline:  January 15, 2023. Only a limited number of positions are available. Please register for the waiting list, if you are not able to sign up for the lab course.
  • De-registration deadline: February 28, 2023
  • Mandatory preparatory meeting: January 23, 2023,  8:15 - 10:00, Lecture Hall HISKP, Nußallee 14-16, 53115 Bonn
Information on the Practical Course M Particle Physics (only for Cologne students):
  • Registration deadline:  October 13, 2022
  • Mandatory preparatory meeting: January 25, 2023, 10:15 - 12:00, Seminar room H 0.002,  Wolfgang Paul Lecture-Hall building, Kreuzbergweg 28, 53115 Bonn 

General information

  • There are two courses taking place respectively from August to October and from February to April every year.
  • The experiments are carried out in fixed teams of two persons.
  • There is no fixed schedule, the dates of the experiments are set in consultation with the tutors.
  • Registration via the online-tool basis

  • B.Sc.-students at the University of Bonn can participate in the lab course if they have successfully completed Physikalisches Praktikum 4 and Physikalisches Praktikum 5 and as long as free places are available.

  • Students who are enrolled in the M.Sc. in Physics or M.Sc. in Astrophysics program and did not get their Bachelor degree at University of Bonn must attend and pass the Preparatory Lab Course before they are admitted to the Advanced Lab Course. The preparatory lab course provides insights in the lab-course standards at Bonn and helps students prepare for the Advanced Lab Course.

  • Participation in the preparatory meeting

The experiments can be selected from the list above and are allocated according to capacity.

The following rules apply:

  1. Physics students must carry out one of the experiments E213 (Analysis of decays of heavy vector boson Z0), E214 (ATLAS) or E215 (Investigation of particle-antiparticle oscillations at BELLE-II).
  2. Astrophysics students must carry out two of the experiments S261 (Optical Astronomy), S262 (Setting up a Radio-astronomical receiver / Setting up a Radio Interferometer), S263 (Photometry of star clusters) or S264 (Radio astronomical observing course).
  3. Experiments must cover three different subject areas (E, K, A, S).
  4. Master's students can replace two experiments from the subject areas E, K, A or S with four experiments on solid state physics at University of Cologne. In this case, two additional subject areas must be covered in Bonn.
  • successful completion of five experiments
  • initial oral exam and written report for each experiment
  • Lab plans, detailed information on the experiments and contact details of the tutors are available on eCampus.

The advanced lab course is accompanied by a seminar in which students present one of the experiments which they performed. Students are invited to participate on a voluntary basis. Presentations in the seminar are not graded.

Information on the seminar is available on eCampus.

To participate in the practical course on particle physics, students from Cologne University must register in the Online Database of the Practical Courses M. The number of students for this course is limited, students with prior knowledge and experience in particle physics are favored.

The practical course on particle physics consists of two experiments:


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M.Sc. Physik, Advanced Lab Course

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