Feasible in the current semester:

Alternative to Lab course 5 in the Bachelor's program

Instead of Lab course 5, a Master module with a significant laboratory component can be undertaken.

Additional Seminar in the Master's program

In addition to the existing seminar, another seminar worth 4 credit points can be included in the area of Elective Advanced Lectures.

Planned for future semesters:

Integrated Atomic Physics-Quantum Mechanics

AQ is intended to consist of a combined lecture covering the content of the regular modules physik411 and physik420. Additionally, the lecture will be supplemented by a comprehensive tutorial and an accompanying seminar.

  Research Seminar for Bachelor students

The research seminar aims to expand the seminar offerings in the transition from Bachelor to Master and be specifically focused on cross-cutting topics.

        Tutoring seminar for Master students

The tutoring seminar aims to prepare students for the important tasks of a tutor and provide methods for didactic, goal-oriented supervision.

Reflection and Counseling Module in Bachelor and Master

In addition to the counseling services, students will engage in self-reflection to determine where they see themselves in their studies. This will enable them to make targeted decisions for their further study organization through individual counseling.

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