ProMaster Plus

With above-average performance in the bachelor's program, there is the possibility to start the doctoral program before completing the master's program. The early start of the doctorate is intended to provide high-performing students with a faster path to obtaining their doctoral degree. The master's degree should be obtained in the first year of the doctoral phase. It can, but does not have to be, thematically related to the actual doctoral work. The content of the master's thesis may not be re-introduced for evaluation in the actual dissertation, but can of course be cited.

Ideally, the doctoral studies commence with the one-year master's thesis after all necessary modules totaling 60 CP have been completed in the master's program or (as advanced master's modules) in the bachelor's program.

If this possibility is of interest to you, you should independently contact a potential supervisor. The exact thematic and temporal design of the master's thesis and dissertation is left to the student and supervisor.

For any questions regarding ProMaster Plus, interested students are welcome to contact us. For detailed questions regarding the doctoral program, please also contact the Faculty's doctoral office.

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