Alternative to Lab course 5 in the Bachelor's program

As part of the ProMaster project, there is the possibility to replace the lab course 5 (physics660, Praktikum Kern- und Teilchenphysik) with a master course featuring a significant laboratory component.
Instead of lab course 5, in the upcoming semester, the master module physics713 Particle Detectors and Instrumentation can be undertaken. This will allow you to independently explore the same physical content as in lab course 5 in a practical seminar setting.

For more detailed information about the modules, please refer to the module handbook and the following links:

If you wish to take physics713 instead of lab course 5, you must indicate this during registration in Basis. This decision is binding, and a subsequent change and recognition as a master module are not possible. If you choose to have physics713 credited instead of lab course 5, it cannot be credited again in the master's program.
Upon passing the exam, physics713 will automatically be credited instead of lab course 5 with 5 credit points (the excess credit point will be forfeited). Any failure to pass will be counted as a failed attempt in lab course 5. Since lab course 5 requires mandatory attendance, the same applies to your participation in physics713 if you wish to take the module exam.
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